Zapier Integration with Speak Ai

Vatsal Shah
3 min readMar 23, 2020

I would like to share amazing updates on “What’s new with Speak Ai” and what’s the scope with Zapier Integration.

Yes, you may use some transcription services but think why don't you think outside the box and find insights from video/audio clips. Ex. Faces, Topics, Keywords, Brands, Sentiment analysis and specific durations of each insight.

This is an article for someone who is

  1. Content creator
  2. Researcher
  3. Marketer
  4. Recording their customer calls
  5. Doing interviews and transcribing manually
  6. Improve their presentation skills

What’re the use cases? (Think outside the Box)

1. Do you record your meetings and upload them on Google Drive, OneDrive or Dropbox?


  • Connect your Google Drive account and chose a folder to grab a file
  • Connect your Speak Account and file will analyze automatically
Upload a file on Google Drive and Speak analyze a file automatically

2. Do you upload YouTube videos or create podcasts but do you know what’s your audience engaging with your content? You need feedbacks/suggestions and get analytics about your engagements, right?


  • Upload a file on your YouTube channel or account
  • Connect Speak and analyze your file
  • Put Iframe code your website (Improve your Search Engine and find analytics)
Trigger Video Channel video and upload on Google Drive or Trigger and upload on Speak

3. Are you a content creator or doing many interviews for your research? What do you do with your video or audio files? Let me tell you — You’re using some transcription services or manually transcribing your files and using a tool to create captions and upload on social media.

4. Do you use twillio or GoToMeeting for your call recording and uploading/storing files on Drive?

OR Someone is listing customer calls and trying to understand what’s working and not! Try Zaps and use it automatically! Simple!


  • Connect your Twillo or GoToMeeting Account and upload a video or audio on the clip to find insights and transcription
Connect with your GoToMeeting account to Twillio Account

5. Do you use Zoom call for your meetings and transcribing manually — but do you find insights from a call? Emotions, Sentiment or top keywords?

Once New meeting recording is done — trigger Speak App

There’re more than 2000+ Apps on #Zapier and you and upload your files, recording, and meetings using these Zaps.

What’s your best use case where you would love to use Speak and save your time, energy and make it more productive.



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