Transcribe, Analyze, and publish research in 3 Steps

Vatsal Shah
1 min readMar 23, 2020

No more transcribing by hand. No more expensive transcribers. Instantly transcribe and extract insights from your audio and video files. Keep all your data together in one intuitive application and media player.

Speak is built for Research

1. Faster Publications

Discover rich data insights from human language that leads you to those “aha” moments.

2. Knowledge Mobilization

Easily share your findings with key stakeholders to continue the success of your work.

3. Nonprofit Growth

Identify how you can increase the impact of your mission by generating deep discussions.

4. Grant Opportunities

Attract attention to your research or cause to open up funding and partnerships for more great work.

5. Graduate Students

Eliminate manual tasks and produce more robust research that will take your project to the next level.

6. Community Sentiment

Build a library of emotions, stories, and conversations that allow you to understand the data and extract insights.

- Reduce the time and cost of transcription, analysis, and publishing.

- Easily playback and analyze files with custom media player.

- Use insights to identify meaningful information and patterns.

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