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Vatsal Shah
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Indus Robotics Club — Made by Robots

I am sharing my journey with Indus University and Indus Family.

Admission Process:

I visited only one college “Indus University” after completing my 12th science in 2012 and had planned to apply for it even before the mock round. The first day of the college was zealous.

First challenge:

My first challenge began after a month wherein me, and my friend participated in “IEEE Project Exhibition” organized by GCET College, Anand. We were the youngest participants and felt very proud when we represented Indus University at such a large scale. Numerous opportunities came by in the first six months. My classmate and I had represented Indus University at National Level even in a nontechnical event named “NukkadNatak” on “Pani re pani tera rang kesa,” based on the behavior of human beings and grabbed second place in it. (5K Views)

Robotics Club initiated and failed!

I am very passionate about Robotics, and that is why I opted for the Electronics and Communication Branch. After contacting the seniors, I was disappointed to know that there was no movement in the Robotics Club for the past two years. So, I tried to contact the HOD, Mr. R.N Mutagi. My friends began to call me by the name “HOD” because of my meetings with the HOD. I finally managed to restart the Robotics Club in the college and represented Indus University at National Level. During one such competition at LD Engg., we came across an International Event called “Robocon.” After looking at their robots, I was surprised and tried to know the pragmatic things about the robot. My dream was to represent Indus University in Robocon in the second year. We further shared our views with the management and finally got approval in 2013 for Robocon 2014. My friend from the EEE department and I worked for more than twelve hours a day went home via AMTS at 10:00 P.M and so much more. The team worked with dedication, and things went smoothly, but due to some reasons, we couldn’t make up to it. We had a hard time, and I felt guilty about it. But it happens, failure and success, so better to accept it.

Department activity time:

Esync — EC Department Club

During this time, I got the opportunity to represent Indus University at International Level wherein my four friends and I were shortlisted to attend the Grand Culmination Convention on 2nd Oct at Thyagaraj Stadium, New Delhi when Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi was the Chief Guest. In the third year, I became the President of Esync Students Associations. A new team of Esync comprised of members focusing on all the types of events. As a non-technical activity for the very first time, we organized “Kapyo-che” Uttrayan event in Indus University and Selfie event in the event. I started the department magazine named “Revista” and successfully published two editions of Revista. Simultaneously, I started a part-time job, as Faculty in two coaching classes for financial help. I took mainly Math and Science of standard 10th. In the journey of 2.5 years of teaching, I experienced the challenges engineering faculty faced each day. Learned new things about Robotics during the third year and participated in several workshops and internships and was a member of AIESEC for few months.

Future planning and Robotics Club in 4th year (Never thought about this one!):

By the end of the third year, people started preparing for Gate, GRE, CAT, etc. I was mostly clear about my aim and so started training for GRE. My family and friends were like, “you are in the 4th year, so focus on project, studies, and GRE. Don’t waste your time in such competition”. But I had faith in me. I managed to continue working for Robocon. I again started from the process of Proposal, Department permission, Presentation to management, Team building, Interview, space permission, sponsorship, mentor, and so on. After crossing all the barriers “Indus Robotics Club” started in Indus University with the mission of Robocon 2016. More than 120 students enrolled in Indus Robotics Club and organized workshops on Robotics and Technical topics on the campus. I started Robotics magazine also in the university and successfully published the first edition of Robotics Magazine, which was published by Divyabhaskar. On 2nd October, the first time in India, on my Idea, a very innovative event conducted by students of IRC “Swachhata Abhiyan by Robots.” Radio Mirchi, DNA, Divyabhaskar, Entrepreneur India, TV9 covered this event widely. That was a great start by IRC Students and the mission of Robocon inclined gradually with time.

Robotics Team at Pune — Robocon 2016
Indus Robotics Team at Pune, Robocon

Initiated IEEE Student Branch in Indus University:

IEEE Indus University Student Branch

In my fourth year, a professor and I started IEEE Student Branch in the college, and it was a huge success. A time came for Robocon 2016. The competition was from 3rd -5th March 2016. When I saw the name of Indus University on the robots and display cards, I was immensely satisfied as it was a dream come true for me. We stood amongst the top 40 out of 150 teams across India. It has been a memorable journey.

Final year Project:

This was almost the end of my journey, but wait! My last year project was an innovative idea. There was a big vision, mission, and objective behind the project. The project was on “Internet of Things.” On 3rd July of 2016, in Gujarat Samachar news was that Netherland is the first country in the world, which was connected with ‘Internet of Things.’ You may read more about my project on ResearchGate and video on YouTube. Divya Bhaskar and Radio City noted about my project.

Interview with Radio City 91.1 FM

IoT Robot video link:

Special Note to my Mentor “Indus”:

Yes, I can say Indus in not only University for me, but it is also my friend and a mentor who was with me on every footstep in the campus including my friends, my faculty, librarian, Head of the Departments, Management team, Mr. Jagat Shah and Mr. Bhandari. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Special note for juniors:

The last note regarding my journey is that we might lose people of college, but don’t fear to lose friends as the good ones will always be by your side. Focus on your path, and be thankful to everyone. Always work on your goal, meet new people, and talk to everyone. Make these four years count. Your hard work will pay off. Try to seize every opportunity. In the end, one must be satisfied with himself. In Indus University, as a student, I was childish, and after four years with my mentor, my friend “Indus,” I have grown-up each day and ripen.

In the future, as an Ex-student of Indus University, I will try my best to give more to Indus University. It’s not just the end. It’s just the beginning of the Journey! All great achievements require time.

Thanks for everything. I miss you, Indus.



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