Thank you, 2019!

Thank you!

I want to take an opportunity to everyone who helped me, guided me, and worked with me to make 2019 the best year.

I completed my masters in August and would thank all the professors. They have been supportive and learned Machine Learning, more web development, and data analytics. I also met really good friends from all over the world and appreciated enjoying time with them on Campus.

When I came in August 2018, I had a Software Developer Job within a week and had a great time last year at Christmas with the ZucoraHome team. I appreciate and thank Bradford (Brad) Geddes for giving me an opportunity. Everyone was so supportive, friendly, and professional at work. It helped me to understand and experienced working culture at a very early stage.

Bradford (Brad) Geddes at Year-end meeting

I’m thankful to LinkedIn because Tyler Bryden found me here, and it turned around everything. He is a professional, expert in SEO, big visioner, risk-taker kind of person. It was a small couple of months’ contact projects, but it turned to a full-time job with the position of CTO in a company. I built software architecture and fully scalable software applications with machine learning modules. That’s an exact kind of work, I visioned and willing to work. I also completed one year at Speak Ai this month.

With Tyler Bryden (CEO of SpeakAi)

I got a chance to call my #mom to Canada for my convocation Western University. She had for the first time international flight and another country experience. I was so happy about that and appreciated all the work and efforts she put into me from the last 20 years.

In July, my USA visa approved and visited Las Vegas, New York, and New Jersey. Also, my cousin helped me a lot to settled down in Canada quickly, and having support from family is essential oversea.

I’m part of many technical communities in Toronto and London, looking forward to a more active participant in meetups and conferences in 2020.

I am wishing everyone Happy New Year and victorious 2020!



Intrapreneur, Machine Learning | AI | Software Engineer | IoT | Voice Applications

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