Speak Version 2.0

Vatsal Shah
4 min readFeb 24, 2020

We had a big update this week! As we’ve had more users join our application we’ve been getting some incredible feedback.

Some of the feedback that has stuck out most has been the organization of media files. It is easy when you only have a few audio and video files but as your library builds organizing and accessing the information you need becomes extremely important.

Video and Audio List

Originally, we had the list of media files besides the video and audio file you opened up to focus on. This was great for switching between media quickly, but it also reduced the amount of space to analyze your selected file. It displayed too much information at once.

If you were using video, the media would be at the top until you scrolled and then it would pop out to the side so you could still see it. Removing the list on the left enabled us to keep the video pinned to the right and viewable at all times. This update has created a much better media viewing experience.

Application Updates:

1. Audio and Video List layout

List layout changed and now you can open insight and transcription on a new window, which helps to navigate insights and transcription with more space and a better experience.

2. Team Feature

A big feature update: Easy to use Speak as a team where you can assign video/audio and include remarks. Filter video and audio by assigned status and manage all team users from a user admin panel. You can create user groups with different permissions.

3. Add Remarks to Audio and Video

On our user’s request, Included remarks for audio and video; which you can add at any time.

4. Edit Extracted Insights

Because we are using artificial intelligence to extract insights from audio and video it isn’t always perfect. For example, one thing we’ve seen is when people talk a lot about friends, our system sometimes thinks it is talking about the comedy television series Friends 😂. So, we’ve given people the ability to uncheck the insights that aren’t relevant or that you want to hide. That way, when you share the media you create a perfect experience for those who interact with your player.

5. Upload Audio and Video files Experience

We added more instructions for a smoother user experience during the file upload process.

6. Bug Fix and UI/UX updates

Minor bug fixes. We are still working on cross-compatibility on all browsers. For now, Google Chrome is working extremely well. We will continue to optimize for other browsers. If you see any problems please let us know! Thank you Speak team.

Website Updates 🎯

On the Speak website, we also made some substantial changes. This included adding more information to the home page. We added who are customers are frequently asked questions, the members of the team, an interactive video demo and more. For a better experience, we styled the login and register buttons on our header menu. We also added a pricing page for pay-as-you-go pricing.

Coming Soon 🤩

  • Present mode with Speak (we cannot wait to show you this!)
  • An Android and IOS App!
  • Subscription plans
  • HTML player embed to help skyrocket search engine rankings
  • AODA Compliance
  • Nvivo Compatible Transcript
  • RSS Feed
  • Makes notes on the video that go beyond remarks

We’ve learned so much about UI this year thanks to some amazing early adopters. There are some updates coming soon that we cannot wait to share with you all.

If you’re a marketer or researcher who wants to decrease the time and cost of creating, analyzing and sharing media please feel encouraged to send us a message. Thank you, everyone ❤



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