Launch your career and build a powerful portfolio in Voice, Machine Learning and AI

Vatsal Shah
4 min readJun 7, 2020

I presented a webinar on “How to launch your career as a Software Developer and build a powerful portfolio in Voice, Machine Learning and AI” organized by C. B. Patel Computer College & J. N. M. Patel Science College, Surat on 6th July 2020.

I am sharing a link to the recorded webinar so you can navigate through any specific moments. I talked about many important topics with a pragmatic approach and real-world examples as mentioned below.

The tools and technology I wish I knew to build my Portfolio in University.

A Webinar covered various topics such as:

  1. Build your brand as a developer or engineer.
  2. The importance of portfolio and what to includes in it.
  3. The importance of the WEBSITE and what to includes on it.
  4. The importance of GitHub and LinkedIn — Why you must have an account on both!
  5. The opportunities in Software, Voice, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence.
  6. History of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.
  7. AI in 2020 and AI in the future.
  8. Resources to engage in the development community.
  9. Information about Cloud computing.
  10. The next steps for someone who wants to learn, contribute and innovate.
  11. Real-world Machine Learning, Artificial intelligence application demo Speak Ai Inc.
  12. The Secret Sauce to succeed in your career and build a compelling portfolio.

You can find keywords, topics, brands, emotions, sentiments, and search in the transcript for any specific word or moment.

For example, you can click on any keyword and Play next to listen to where I talk about software developer or neural network.

If you want to access the Presentation, all you have to do is click the button on the top.

Presentation Link:

If you have any questions, suggestions, or thoughts, please feel encouraged to send me a message. I’m here and happy to connect.

Top communities to follow :

  1. — Free courses, community, and tutorials.
  2. — Dev community, technical articles, projects, podcasts, and videos.
  3. — Programming tools, articles on a broad range of topics.
  4. — Coding practice, startup, tech articles.
  5. — Best for a data engineer, machine learning, AI (datasets, notebook code examples in Python & R).
  6. — Meetup Groups in Surat.
  7. — Meetup AWS Group
  8. — Meetup Groups in Ahmedabad.
  9. — Machine Learning and AI Group in Ahmedabad.

I have added my portfolio links for your reference. You can follow and connect me on:

Website | GitHub | LinkedIn | Blog

If you have the knowledge, let others light their candles in it. So please forward it to your students, colleagues & other groups.


Here are the top feedbacks from the webinar:

‘Honestly, this one is the best seminar I have attended. I like all of the topics.’

‘I liked the way you have used the Practical approach, Instead of theory-based which was very helpful to understand the things more clearly.’

‘Everything was fine, his practical knowledge, content flow, suggestions, communication, I m happy with it, do more webinars in this time slot.’

‘This webinar is very helpful for me for my bright future. Thank you for arranging such a great webinar. And I hope you arrange another webinar as soon as possible.’

‘The thing I liked the most was the change in the thought process of shifting the mindset from just studying and coding to teach community involvement and very imp portfolio development which I was lacking highly.’

Post Event Feedback


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