Create a Cron job in Node.js

Vatsal Shah
1 min readMay 16, 2020

Here’s a node.js snippet to create cron jobs in node.js easily. A cron job is to automatically complete recurring tasks on a set schedule.

Step 1:

Install the cron job manager module.

npm install cron-job-manager

Step 2:

Assign time pattern and cron job id:

// Ref: Set Cron job:
const timerPattern = "01 00 * * *"; // everyday at 12:01 am
const cronJobId = "cronJobId";

Step 3:

Initiate the cron job!

// Initiate Cron Job

Step 4:

Add a cron job to the manager which helps to update, delete to check the status of scheduled tasks.

// Add Cron job to manager
manager.add(cronJobId, timerPattern, () => {"CronJob is executed.");

Final Code:

Here’s the full code snippet:


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