AWS Summit — Toronto 2019

Vatsal Shah
2 min readOct 5, 2019
2019 AWS Summit Toronto

I attended the AWS Global summit in Toronto yesterday. It was a fantastic event and organized on a large scale. There were dev chat, hands-on lab, startup talk, workshops on AWS various services.

My calendar piled up with many exciting sessions at the same. It was tough to choose one. I had a great chat with MongoDB architecture Jeegar Ghodasara in the morning. Then I attended a keynote delivered by Joshua Burgin, Director, and GM of AWS Compute Services. Many AWS Services will be available in Canada Regions, soon. It’s so important to have servers and services in the same regions.

I attended sessions such as Breaking down a monolithic application, delivered by Datadog company. My attention got by Bryan Samis, who gave a session on “Increase the value of video with Machine learning & Media Services.” It was one of the most exciting sessions during a day. (Demo didn’t work perfectly during a session, it happens all the time with developers at the production time. :( )

A session delivered by Nick Walsh on “Add Intelligence to application with AWS AI Services” organized in really unique ways. I have never seen such kind of arrangement to deliver three sessions in the same room. There were three sessions delivered on different topics.

One of the great workshops delivered by Jonathan Dion on “Build, Train and deploy ML Models with Amazon SageMaker.” He has fantastic presentation skills, a unique way to explain to attendees. It was a lot of earning from a session. Here’s a link of a workshop: Link:

Tyler Campaigne from the Vidyard, online video platform. They can create personalized video and can deliver dynamic content to the viewer. There were a couple of things to understand from a session. There are in the market for more than eight years. There were streaming videos through S3, and whether viewers video watch or not; they always have to pay for storage. So, they come up with a unique idea to create a video on go frame by frame when the viewer watches a video.

The last session I attended on “CI/CD best practices for building modern applications” by Andrew Baird.

Overall, lots of learning, absorbing, and implementing in the applications.



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