Speech To Text with Machine Learning and AI

Vatsal Shah
2 min readMar 23, 2020

Capture. Analyze. Share. Speak AI magically turns audio and video into your most powerful assets.

1. Easily Transcribe Video & Audio

Whether you are creating content, a presentation or capturing a conversation, Speak allows you to easily transcribe and analyze audio and video. Get a downloadable timestamped transcript that identifies individual speakers. Or, generate an interactive embeddable player that can be shared.

Use the transcription and captions to improve search engine rankings, accessibility, and engagement.

2. Get Keywords, Topics, Brands & Tone

Analyze your uploaded audio, video, and text content to extract deep insights and metadata. Use Speak’s insights to tailor your content to better connect to your audience. Use the metadata for hashtags and SEO and watch your engagement grow.

3. Create, Analyze, Export, & Share

Use Speak to capture, create and analyze your blog posts, speeches. phone calls, and content to get powerful feedback. Export your content into multiple file types including DOC, PDF, TXT, SRT, VTT, and CSV.

You can share an interactive widget and custom landing pages.

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