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SpikeBot Products (Credits:

A journey of two years working was wonderful, and lots of learning in India. I started as an Embedded Software Developer in “Deepkiran Foods PVT LTD (Deeps).” They initiated an “IoT Department” and was the first member in a department. When I joined, an R&D task for Smart Home/Office Automation assigned to me. I didn’t have any resources, seniors, product, components, nothing but great support of company’s CTO Mr. Brijesh Patel. I had only “Computer System” and previous project knowledge and failure experiences :)

First Demo:

In a few months, I designed a vanilla page with technology in Front-end: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Backend: Java, and Database: MySQL (as per my previous project experience). I attached relay modules, sensors, and a camera with a controller. It worked well, but that was not a solution. We were trying to make a product.

Second Phase:

I changed a hardware design; at the same time, I learned Node.js with the Sqlite3 database. I created several demo projects and did a number of mistakes. I used to ask other department developers regarding design, development, and experiences. I never hesitate to ask others because it always been learning something new.

A year in a company:

In a year, we have hardware design, some code in the backend, and a full-fledged website to control the device. Now a question was how to control from outside. I didn’t know “A” of AWS and cloud technology.

I asked people and explored cloud technology. On AWS, I deployed on EC2 Instance, created a database, installed the required tech and tools. I did code for connection from local to cloud, synchronization for multiple users. I implemented AWS IoT button to control devices. Moreover, custom skill for Alexa and Google Home in which I explored the Lambda function.

We hired a hardware developer and tested the Switch module from the developed design. It worked perfectly and as expected. We installed it in our office. But wait! On my review day, one of a module was failed and blast. :( In my view, failure is necessary and must cross your limitations and go beyond it.

1.5 Years in a company:

SpikeBot Team (From left — Mehul Panchal, ios developer; Jay Panchal, embed hardware developer; Sagar Jethwa, android developer)

I learned from past mistakes and made necessary changes. I did lots of changes to develop APIs for ios and android applications. We were the “SpikeBot Team.” We had products called: Gateway, SpikeBot5H, SpikeBot5, SpikeBot1HL, Door Sensor, Temperature Sensor. We also implemented Camera Integration, Sensor Push notification, and many more. We installed it in many places.

In two years, I never look tired at the end of the day; I used to think about: What could be done quickly? How could I improve my today’s code? What was going wrong with hardware/software? Why was that not working correctly? Etc.

It was my honor to work with hardware developer, android, and ios developer, testing and designing team as “Spikebot Team.” :)

Left Job:

I left my job as I moved to Canada for the Master's Degree. But two years of experience was amazing and life-changing. Mr. Brijesh is a techy guy, and he used to come up with new ideas every morning, which pushed me to explore more and more. Moreover, he never satisfied with my development (which was also necessary as a “leader”), which scratch my satisfaction line and tried to do more better than previous work.

Create an opportunity if you don’t find any

Keep pushing your self to do better and better every single day

Don’t work to show your “Boss” or “manager” but to show your own-self and proud for it

Be honest

Keep working hard and smart

Be patience. You will get rewards for your work.

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